I & M Auto Sales. (281) 405-0216
I & M Auto Sales. (281) 405-0216

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I & M Auto Sales

I & M AUTO SALES is an independent car dealership thriving to alter the IN-HOUSE FINANCING program by making it extremely easy to approve your car or truck loan. Our minimum downpayment is $1,500. and Our monthly payments range from $300. to $500. from 2 to 3 years depending on your downpayment and the finance amount. We have been in business for more than 15 years and will finance everybody that come through Our doors with a downpayment, proof of income and proof of residence.

Here at I & M AUTO SALES We understand a vehicle is a necessity rather than a luxury, therefore, We work with Our customers through out their difficulties instead of aggravating the situation. Simple words, We will not repossess your vehicle just because you fall behind a few days or weeks like other car lots do.

Come in and let Us assist you with your next purchase regardless of your credit history!!!!

Thank you for stopping by.

Company Info

(346) 234-9610

I & M Auto Sales
11645 State hwy 249
Houston, TX 77086
Email: imautosales1@hotmail.com
Phone: (281) 405-0216

Hours of Operation

9 am - 7 pm Monday
9 am - 7 pm Tuesday
9 am - 7 pm Wednesday
9 am - 7 pm Thursday
9 am - 7 pm Friday
9 am - 7 pm Saturday
Closed Sunday