I & M Auto Sales. (281) 405-0216
I & M Auto Sales. (281) 405-0216

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I & M Auto Sales

I & M AUTO SALES is an independent car dealership thriving to alter the IN-HOUSE FINANCING program by making it extremely easy to approve your car or truck loan. Our minimum down payment is $1,500 with vehicles under $9,800 + TTL. We have our lowest payments of $280 monthly for cars $9800 + TTL and below. From 24-48 months with in house financing. We have been in business since 1999 and will finance to anyone that comes through our doors with a cash down payment, proof of income, and proof of residence. Your job is your credit!!!

Here at I & M AUTO SALES We understand a vehicle is a necessity rather than a luxury, therefore, We work with Our customers through out their difficulties instead of aggravating the situation. Simple words, We will not repossess your vehicle just because you fall behind a few days or weeks like other car lots do.

Come in and let Us assist you with your next purchase regardless of your credit history!!!!

Thank you for stopping by.